WhizRider is the most portable, booster seat replacement ever designed. For travel, emergencies, or day-to-day.  

How does WhizRider work?

For Ride Sharing, Vacation, or Right at Home

Thousands of parents dread traveling with bulky boosters seats. With WhizRider's convenient safety harness you can pack in right in your back pocket without sacrificing safety.  Parents love it for vacations and securing their kids during ride sharing.

Safest, Compact Car Seat Ever Designed

Engineered for children 3 to 10 years old, WhizRider has undergone rigorous crash testing and exceeds all U.S. Federal Safety Standards regulated by NHTSA.

Sick of Lugging Around Bulky Car Seats? 

No matter if you're on vacation, driving with friends, or using a carpool like Lyft or Uber, WhizRider is a no-brainer. 

So easy and so portable, WhizRider is smaller than a cup of coffee!

German Engineered, Parent Approved

Our German-engineered harness system securely fastens your child’s legs in seconds and secures the shoulder belt from slipping out of place.

This ensures your child doesn’t slip underneath the lap belt and keeps the shoulder belt in the proper position.

Put on & Secure in Seconds

The setup is simple and straightforward to reduce misuse and injury.  

Simply clip in and 10 seconds later your child is secured in a safety harness.


"WhizRider is an innovative safety device that is grounded in biomechanics and proven effective at protecting children passengers in cars." 

Prof. Dr. Kai-Uwe Schmitt (PhD., MEng Professor, Trauma Biomechanics & Scientific Advisor Bern University)

“WhizRider is the safe way to transport children in cars in unplanned situations, where no fixed installed child car seat is available.” 

- Bettina Zahnd  (Head of Accident Research, Leading Insurance Company)

Have More Questions? 

Browse through the questions below for more info on why WhizRider is a game-changer for portable child transportation.

What is WhizRider?

WhizRider is the safest and smallest, compact car seat option for a child. It is a unique harness system with leg loops and clips that guide the car seat belt into the proper position on the lap and shoulder to prevent injury.  WhizRider is safer than a booster seat and fits in a pocket or backpack so it can always be there for your child’s safety. 

How big is WhizRider?

WhizRider comes packed in a bag that is about the size of a medium to-go coffee. It fits in a jacket pocket, a handbag, or child sport’s bag, and easily fits in carry-on luggage.

What are the age and size requirements for the child?

WhizRider is offered in 2 sizes and is adjustable to fit children from ages from 3 to 10 years old: 

  • Small: 3 years or older, 37.5 to 49 inches (95 to 125 cm), 30 to 55 lbs (15 to 25kg) 
  • Large: 6 years or older, 47 to 57 inches (120 to 145 cm), 47 to 80 lbs (22 to 36kg)

How do you put WhizRider on?

  1. Place the WhizRider vest on the child.
  2. Secure the chest and two leg buckles.
  3. Once the child is sitting in the back seat, put the car seat belt on and buckle it. 
  4. Clip the car lap belt to the steel, leg loop clips. 
  5. Clip the shoulder belt to the steel, shoulder clip. 

It takes less than 10 seconds to put WhizRider on your child and another 10 seconds to secure them in the car.  It’s just as quick to take off.  

How much does WhizRider weigh?

WhizRider weighs 15 ounces (425 grams). That’s less than a bag of coffee beans.

Has WhizRider been properly tested?

Yes, each component of WhizRider was designed, crash tested, and re-tested to meet the highest U.S. Federal Safety Standards. Every production series is tested based on random selection method. Testing is carried out in accordance with FMVSS 213 (U.S. Regulation Standards) in specialized testing facilities in the U.S., including the Calspan Testing Center.

Created by Fathers Wanting Mobility For Their Families

As two fathers traveling and living in big cities with our families, we couldn’t find a solution to secure our children and get around safely. Taxis and Uber's never came with car seats, and we were forced to choose between lugging around a clunky car seat or staying at home. 

Families should not have to compromise safety for mobility. From this, we were inspired to create a safe car seat option that could easily go with you anywhere and always be available. The safest, compact car seat ever designed: WhizRider.